SC4 Implementation Forum

In the 2008 at the ISO TC 184/SC 4 Meeting the Advisory Group “SC 4 Implementation Forum” was created. The Advisory Group is an integral part of SC 4 and has advisory functions within its task: it can give recommendation to SC 4 for an improvement, interoperability and harmonization of SC 4 standards.

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TitlePortland, Oregon, United States, May 22-27 20112020-03-17 06:01:54
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SC4 61st Plenary Meeting

ISO TC 184/SC 4 is a committee of the International Standards Organization responsible for the development of international standards Industrial Data. These standards play a key role in the neutral exchange of data between competing applications as well as the long term preservation of information, both critical to the protection of intellectual property, an increasingly important business asset. This meeting is a unique opportunity to meet with industry professionals dedicated to the development and implementation of open international standards for content.
Opening the meeting week will be a welcome reception on Sunday evening beginning at 7:00pm.
Agenda to follow closer to date.
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Sharing Expertise for
Practical Application of Standards
The basic concept of the IF is to provide a platform for users from the various sectors in the region and the SC4 experts to share information about practical application of standards.

The intention is to create a platform for end users, who can present the business case of their company investments in standards, and for SC4 experts, who can get feedback on the usefulness and applicability of the standards they have developed so that these can further be improved.


The SC4 IF consists of expert representatives from

TC184/SC4 Member National Standards Bodies

(e.g. NEN, DIN, etc.)

TC184/SC4 Liaisons


The SC4 IF consists of expert representatives from


Process, power, automotive, aerospace, defence, shipbuilding


Departments involved in information mgt and standardisation

Universities and Knowledge Institutes

e.g.: in The Netherlands: TUD, RUG, TNO

National Bodies

Mirror committees and “adjacent” committees
(e.g. NIST, JPN, NEN, DIN, etc.) 

Industry Groups

Owner operator groups, FIATECH USA, NAP DACE
Equipment supplier groups (e.g. Europump, ICAAMC, etc.)
EPC contractor groups (e.g. ENAA)

Standardisation Consortia