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TitleVico Equense (Italy) October 17 - 22, 20102020-03-17 06:01:07
ISO TC 184/SC4 60th Plenary Meeting

ISO TC 184/SC 4 is a committee of the International Standards Organization responsible for the development of international standards Industrial Data. These standards play a key role in the neutral exchange of data between competing applications as well as the long term preservation of information, both critical to the protection of intellectual property, an increasingly important business asset. This meeting is a unique opportunity to meet with industry professionals dedicated to the development and implementation of open international standards for content. Opening the meeting week will be a welcome reception beginning at 7:00pm on Sunday, October 17th. This is a great chance to network with colleagues from various organizations. This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and standards ISO.

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